Friday, August 6, 2010

Ugly Pie or Dangit, My Refrigerator is STILL broken

Our story begins last night…

(phone rings)

Amy: Hello? Oh, yes…how are you? What’s it been…3 weeks? Right! Oh, great! Oh, great, I’m so glad…what time will you be here? Noon sounds great. Yes, we’ll be here. Oh, hooray! You don’ t know how happy I am to hear the part has finally come in! Okay, we’ll see you tomorrow…Thanks, bye.

Amy sleeps peacefully, knowing that the refrigerator repairman will be arriving tomorrow to fix her broken-for-3-weeks refrigerator.

Next Morning:

Amy: (thinking aloud as she often does)Wow, having a working refrigerator will sure come in handy! It’s been broken for 3 weeks! I’ve had to look at this all that time:

Amy: There’s something behind this part in the freezer that’s making stuff not work. Oh, I’m so excited for it to work!

Amy: (soliloquy continues) Hmmm…to celebrate the refrigerator repairman coming, I should make something that like, celebrates refrigerators…Ooooo, how about Icebox Pie!

Amy: Oh, hooray! I have fresh cherries! Cherry Icebox Pie it is!

If we could put a label on Amy’s mood, it would lie somewhere around ecstatic.

Amy: If I take this recipe from Grandma for strawberry icebox pie, I’ll bet I can turn it into cherry! Oh, happy day! I’ll start by boiling a cup of water and mixing 2 packages of cherry gelatin into it…

Amy: Now I should add a 1/2 cup of sugar…

Amy: Now, I should maybe add the cherries…And I’ll stir in a 16oz container of sour cream! This is going to be so wonderful!

While she’s stirring the sour cream into the cherry mixture, let’s check in with Amy’s mood: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that we have moved into full-blown happy frenzy!

Amy: Whew! It’s all mixed!…uh, that’s really…uh…pink.

Amy: Oh, well! It’s going to be gorgeous and taste amazing! I should get it into pie shells right now!

Ever the optimist, Amy pours the very-pink cherry filling into the pie shells...

Amy: Oh, look! How beau…Oh…those kind of look like black olives…Oh. Let me look again:

Amy’s mood has sunk.

Amy: Dude, they DO look like black olives!

But again, they don’t call her Pollyanna for nothing:

Amy: It’s okay. I’m the only one who thinks that! No one else will even notice! It will look so much better once it sets up in the refrigerator…

Amy’s mood brightens again:

Amy: My WORKING refrigerator, I mean! I’ll just keep these in the house fridge until the repairman comes…

Amy’s mood has dropped from frenzy happy to elated.

(knock at the door)

Amy’s Dad: Hey! I came to see if the boys wanted to…hey is that pie?

Amy: (super proudly) Yes! Cherry icebox pie, do you want to try it?

Amy’s Dad: Amy! Those are black olives!

Amy: (near tears) Daddy!!!! I said it was cherry!

Amy’s Dad: Oh, okay okay…I’ll try some. But I ain’t eating no black olive pie!

Amy: It’s cherry, Dad. How about some whipped cream on it?

Amy’s Dad: (eating the not-black-olive pie) Boy, this is good! It sure tastes better than it looks….

Amy’s mood sinks again.

Amy’s Dad: (softening his cruel remark against the not-black-olive pie) Put that whipped cream over the whole thing, no one will see the black oli…cherries.

Amy looks out the window

Amy: Hey! My favorite refrigerator repairman is here!

Amy rushes out to the bakery to meet the repairman…There’s actually a spring in her step!

(10 minutes pass)

Amy returns to the house, shoulders slumped…We are in a dark place, people. Dark.

Amy’s Dad: Uh-oh….

Amy: They ordered the wrong part.

Amy’s Dad: Another 3 weeks?

Amy: yeah, and instead of it being $$ it’s going to be $$$$. And he left the fridge looking like this:

Amy’s Dad: Oh, yuck. Let’s have some more pie.

Amy: Okay!

Amy’s mood is back to normal as her and her father eat pie and laugh.

Want to make your own Cherry Icebox Ugly Pie?

Adapted from a recipe from Laura Sherwood

3 cups cherries, pitted, sliced

1 cup boiling water

2 envelopes cherry gelatin

1/2 cup sugar

1 16oz container sour cream

2 pre-baked pie shells

Mix together boiling water and gelatin packets until dissolved, add sugar. Add cherries, mix all together to break down the cherries. Add sour cream, mix well. Pour into pie shells, chill until solid. Cover with whipped topping.

To take out the ugly.


  1. Ohh Amy! I am so sorry that your $$ went to $$$$ and added another 3 weeks!! That is just so sad!!!!
    They do not look like black olives!!! just really yucky cherries..(dislike cherries very much)LOL I bet that would have been soooo yummy with strawberries! I think I might try one!!!

  2. Aww, thanks, it's okay. I need a fridge, right? And this can EASILY be transformed to diet: ff sour cream, splenda, sugar free cherry gelatin. and sugar free cool whip to take out the ugly.

  3. Just the thought of having to turn off the refrigerator for long stretches of time, or being unable to plug it, or moving it from one house or another, causes a really ill feeling. Where are you going to store the meat; all that haha. I hope your ref's coolants and stuff have lasted, by the time it finally got fixed. It's fixed now, isn't it? :)