Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Irish Eyes Are Smilin'

My dear grandmother's maiden name is Kelly, therefore I began considering myself at least mostly Irish after I became of an age to legally buy a pint of Guiness. I've never considered Irish cuisine to be of anything desirable, I mean, it mostly involves potatoes, right?

After several hours with my faithful compainion, Google, I discovered that there is more to Irish eats than potatoes. Like Irish Shortbread. Like, yeah...it's awesome.

I love simple flavors...and shortbread is just that. There's 3 ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Flour. That's it. 3 of my favorite-est foods. And I really love textures, and this is a marriage of crispy and soft.
All these really need is some green buttercream frosting to become little Irish sandwich cookies.

While we're on St. Patrick's Day, I also did the customary Shamrock decorated cookies:

Which I thought looked really cute in a box with ribbon (I'm trying to get rid of these boxes, can you tell?):

Cute for a gift, right?

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