Friday, February 5, 2010

I got the Blues, the Reds and the Pinks...

Yeah,'s almost Valentine's Day. And my little bakery is being run over with all things red and pink.

Starting at the top:

Obviously, a nice little variety of heart cookies is a nice offering this time of year. It's easy: 3 batches of frosting in white, red and pink. Done and done.

I'm all into sprinkles. This is a 5" cookie, and I package it in a card box with food safe tissue. I think it's a neat little gift, I'm working on a "Thank You" and "Happy Birthday".

More sprinkles. These make me laugh. I'm trying to work them into "Kiss me, I'm Irish" for St. Patrick's day.

I had to cut this by hand: I can't seem to find a rose cookie cutter that suits me. These would be great as a wedding favor, yes?

One of my roommates and I used to leave conversation heart poetry for each other. These are little 2" cookies and bring back a lot of laughing memories of our obscure private jokes in college.

And finally:

Remember Luke: the EIU Panther-music-lover-with-a-chocolate-allergy? His big sister Abby is turing 8 and is having a Girls Rock! birthday party. She got a pink version of the guitar cake.

I'm now headed to the store to replenish my red and pink food color supply.

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