Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Martin Spurlock, Meet Julie Powell

I'm a serious copycat sometimes. Of course, being trained in theatre, I was taught to take inspiration from history when creating costume designs. Sometimes, I was too exhausted to take inspiration and would just straight-ass copy.

I decided a few weeks ago that I needed a challenge...or a hook...or something to focus my ADHD/artistic brain on this blog. I LOVE writing this, but need something to keep me from driving this car into a ditch.

I really liked the performance art nature of "Super Size Me", and "The Julie/Julia Project", and, being a trained copycat, I wanted to do "30 days of..." something for my food blog. I toyed with the idea of pie, but they would have to knock out an exterior wall to extract me from the house if I ate pie everyday. I polled my Facebook friends and my dear cousin Brenda had a brilliant suggestion: "Peanut Butter! You could start with your yummy peanut butter and jelly cookies!"

I must admit that I have successfully turned the majority of my family into Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie addicts. "The first one's free...then you have to pay"..."Take these to your friends, bring me back the money in this violin case".

So that's what we're gonna do: 30 days of Peanut Butter.

I'm going to start next week: July 5th. I wanted to start this week, but my husband is on vacation and is sooooo needy: "Help ME clean the floors", "Go with ME and the boys to the movies", "Get ME some gas so I can mow the yard"....geeze, what a whiner!

Anyways, he goes back to work next Monday, and that will be Day One.

On Day One, we will make our own peanut butter from scratch.

I won't reveal all the recipes, but in the 30 days, we will be making some old favorites (My grandmother's peanut butter cookies), some new favorites (Peanut Butter Ice Cream), and some unexpected fare (Alabama Peanut Butter Soup).

So tune in next Monday for the first installment of "30 Days of Peanut Butter".

Expect it to be awesome. Expect me and my husband to gain 30 lbs.

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  1. Can't wait...even though I don't really like Peanut Butter. I do love me some peanut sauce though. Yum.