Friday, June 18, 2010

Chocolate Pie Crust Cookies.

I go through a lot of pie dough. Outside of the fact that I have a small bakery, I sincerely love pie. I'm pretty certain that every food can be transformed into pie.

I usually have pie dough stockpiled in my freezer. But after all the strawberry pies, the cherry pies, the coconut pies...well, durnit, I'm slap out of pie dough.

My pie dough recipe makes a lot of freakin' pie crusts.

You're probably thinking, "How many freakin' pie crusts does it make?"

Well, I'll tell makes about 12 freakin' pie crusts.
You probably don't need 12 freakin' pie crusts. But I'll bet you'd like to have my recipe for Chocolate Pie Crust Cookies, right?
Don't lie. You love chocolate. You love pie crusts...

So do I. A lot. And I love food that has a few simple ingredients. Like sugar and chocolate. What's better than that?
Here we go. First, I'm going to make you look at pictures of my pie crusts:
I stack them for the freezer and play a little balancing game. With myself.
Yeah, I totally can make it stay, right?

Yep. Pie dough Jenga, anyone? "It takes a steady hand...!"

Ok, quit screwing around. Let's get to the cookies, Amy.

Roll pie crust between wax paper or parchment...Extra flour = tough crust.

Sprinkle with sugar.
Now cocoa powder.
Notice my obvious lack of measurements...just put some on a spoon go for it. Rocket science, this is not.
I kinda smoothed it over and pressed it in a little.
And now we roll...
Why yes, I do bake in my flip flops. Doesn't everyone?
Keep rolling...

Since it's a wee bit humid this time of year, we need to firm this up.
When you get it rolled up...
Wrap it in parchment/wax paper/plastic wrap...
And stick it in the freezer.
Right next to all your other pie crusts, diet dinners, and the your-sons-insist-on-eating-every-morning-breakfast sandwiches .
After about 15 minutes or so, take her out and slice:
You'll notice that these are a little crumbly...mostly because I rolled the pie crust pretty thin. When you make them, you'll roll the pie dough thicker than this.
Let's go to the cookie sheet:
Gosh, this didn't make very boys will have these inhaled in about 5 minutes..
Get that oven at 350...
And about 25 minutes later, they come out and look like this:

Yummy, yummy in my tummy. Better grab one before the boys see them...

Chocolate Pie Dough Cookies

1 unbaked Pie Crust


Cocoa Powder

Roll out pie crust between wax paper or parchment. Sprinkle with sugar, then with cocoa powder. Roll up jelly roll style, then freeze or refrigerate until firm.

Cut into 1/2" thick slices. Place on baking sheet and bake in 350 oven about 25 minutes, or until slightly browned.

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