Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snowmen 3X

Most of the people I know have a snowman collection...My mother decorates her dining room in snowmen during the holidays, and one of my co-workers has a whole Christmas tree dedicated to snowmen. Logic told me that in order to sell cookies, it would be smart to have a snowman variety for local I did three kinds:

Snowman #1

Simple snowman cookies. This is an example of how I sometimes don't even bother to think outside the box. The box is right in front of me, sometimes it's best to just think inside it.

The one on the far left at the bottom is a little jacked-up...he was my first one. And by "first one", I mean I had no idea what I was going to do with these. I eventually figured it out.

Snowman #2:

I have a set of little candles that are snowmen heads, I used them as inspiration for these:

I love these because they're so friendly. Friendly cookies definitely taste better.

Snowman #3 (And some Santas)

I found a recipe for Roly Poly Santas from an old Taste of Home magazine my aunt had. I decided to try them, and try to make some Roly Poly Snowmen to go with them.

These are by far my favorite of the three Snowmen. Here they are with the Santas:

I used the same concept as with the Santas: Dye part of the dough and shape into balls. These are fragile: I wouldn't dare ship them, or send them to school with anyone under the age of 19, but they look nice sitting on top of a bunch of chocolate chip cookies in a variety box!

I'm still working on some snowflakes...hopefully all these snowmen and snowflakes don't bring winter weather to my house.

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